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Fast Scans:

Performed in our state of the art Anechoic Chamber to quickly evaluate new designs or fixes before qualification testing; this time saving feature is also used in validating test plan decisions.


Test Report:

Our customers are not charged for the final test report which includes not only test data but photographs of the test setup EUT and Support Equipment arrangements. We do assign a small processing charge for multiple copies of any report. Also available in PDF format on floppy or CD.

Click here for for Sample Test Report in PDF format


NARTE Personnel:

All test personnel are NARTE Certified Engineers and/or Technicians.


EMC Engineers:

Testing is supported by experienced EMC Engineers who are available to customers who have need for on site assistance. Test Site Services EMC Engineers have a combined total greater than 75 years of EMC design and test experience.

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Phone : (508) 962-1662

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Laboratory :
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Milford MA 01757
Phone : (508) 634-3444

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