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1. Shift Availability

Milford/Hopkinton Day Shift period begins at 08:00 AM
Milford/Hopkinton Night Shift Period begins at 04:30 PM
Westborough Day Shift period begins at 07:00 AM
Westborough Night Shift period begins at 03:30 PM
Andover Day Shift period begins at 08:00 AM
Andover Night Shift period begins at 04:30 PM

2. Customer Responsibility

Customer is expected to provide the necessary support equipment and cabling for proper operation of the EUT for emissions and immunity testing at our facilities. Interconnecting I/O cables should be at least 20 feet in length and power cables should be approximately 6 feet in length. If there are special electrical plug/receptacle criteria associated with the EUT, arrangements for such should be made with our lab personnel prior to the test date(s).

Customer is required to assist the EMC Technician in filling out the blank "Preliminary Test Report" form with applicable EUT/Support Equipment/Cabling Information and a block diagram illustrating the EUT, support equipment and cables. To expedite your test report we will provide the blank test report form for you to fill out prior to your test date. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have associated with this form. Without this filled out report, a Final Report from Test Site Services cannot be created and will not be forthcoming.

Download Emissions Report | Download Immunity Report

Customer is expected to provide capable responsible personnel to support the operation and
maintenance of the EUT and its support equipment throughout the test period.

3. Shift Description

Each shift consists of (8) hour's duration with an additional half hour for lunch. Within this time period, customer is required to set up the EUT, Support Equipment and Cabling as well as tear down/remove these items from the Test Area.

The EMC technician will direct the placement of the equipment and cabling per the applicable test standard requirements but will not be available for assistance in the physical arrangement of customer items.

During the test, customer may be asked to assist in some ways with the collection of data (Monitoring EUT Operation, Altering EUT or Support Equipment Operation Momentarily, Moving Interconnecting Cables for Maximum Emission Conditions, etc.).

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